Chiropractic Care

happy family

Chiropractic Care has been helping families for years. There are many patients who see their Chiropractic Doctor as their family doctor because they want their families’ health to choose safer and natural solutions when it comes to treatment. More and more people nowadays are choosing chiropractic family care and it can start from birth to old age.

Pregnancy When pregnant mothers receive chiropractic care, their babies also benefit from it. Many mothers seek treatment during the period of weight gain and hormonal changes. Chiropractors help pregnant mothers to maintain balanced alignment and flexibility. It also helps in reducing pain when giving birth.

Babies The baby’s spine can be stressed during delivery and they benefit from gentle adjustments. Signs of spinal distress are unusual crying, poor appetite, colic, ear infections and abnormal sleeping patterns. Adjustments for newborns are gentle and as a rule, no more pressure than you would use to test the ripeness of a tomato.

Children Learning to walk, play a sport or ride a bike can result to growing pains and can cause minor injuries. If these are ignored, they may become worse and more difficult to treat as an adult.

Adults There are many things that can produce misalignments during adulthood. Regular chiropractic check-ups can be helpful and many patients report more energy and better overall health.

Seniors Seniors also benefit from chiropractic care. They have an increased risk of falling due to balance issues. High blood pressure and circulatory problems have some effect on the body’s energy and its ability to perform. Chiropractic care can maintain health and improve mobility and flexibility. It can help seniors enjoy a full and active life.