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How It Took Just 25 Minutes To Shine A Light On Physiotherapy

In this article I’d like to cover the benefits of Physiotherapy. According to The House Clinics, “It’s a therapeutic approach that uses manual therapy and exercise to help restore the body to a healthy balance and maintain physical functioning of the body’s joints, muscles and ligaments”.

If you are an avid fan of football (otherwise known as soccer in the US), then you may very well have been watching the European Cup this summer (2016).

For those of us who enjoy watching football, me included, you may have witnessed a particularly bad foul which resulted in an injury in the final match of the competition. After just 25 minutes of the game, Cristiano Rinaldo suffered a knee injury to the complete devastation of the Portuguese fans. Despite trying to continue with the match, he eventually relented and had to hobble off. You can find out more about the injury itself here.

Premier League physio suggests Cristiano Ronaldo’s knee injury could be very serious [Tweet]

Cristiano Ronaldo cried twice in the space of 120 minutes on Sunday night, but for very different reasons.

The Portugal captain had to withdraw from the Euro 2016 final after just 25 minutes because of a knee injury caused by Dimitri Payet. He soldiered on for as long as he could but eventually succumbed to what must have been some serious pain.

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Thankfully every football team have incredibly skilled, and I’m sure highly paid, Physiotherapists on hand to help with all sorts of injuries sustained by the team players.

Thankfully Cristiano Rinaldo was seen later joining in the celebrations of Portugal winning the European Cup final 2016. I’m sure the physiotherapists carried out a fantastic job in helping to support the 31-year-old’s knee injury.

Physiotherapy knee treatment

The reason why every football team has their own team of Physiotherapists is because it’s an incredibly effective way of treating injuries sustained on the football pitch, and any sports pitch for the matter.

The great thing is, you don’t have to be a multi-millionaire footballer with his own personal team of physiotherapists behind you. On the contrary because Physiotherapists are everywhere! Just pick up your local Yellow Pages and you’ll find a very long list of the in your city.

If you’re very active in sports, you may have picked up an injury at some point in your life, so I’ve included a list of common injuries below that Physiotherapy can help out with.

Some of the most common sports injuries include:

  • Sprains—tears to the ligaments that join the ends of bones together. The ankles, knees, and wrists are commonly affected by sprains.
  • Strains—pulls or tears of muscles or tendons (the tissues that attach the muscles to the bones)
  • “Shin splints”—pain along the outside front of the lower leg, commonly seen in runners Achilles tendonitis or rupture of the Achilles tendon—These injuries involve the large band of tissue that connects the calf muscles to the heel
  • Fractures of the bones
  • Dislocation of joints

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Apart from Physiotherapy, there are other alternatives that can also help you to recover from an injury. These include; deep tissue massage, Sports massage, chiropractic treatment and more.

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